Who Lives At Fauna Animal Sanctuary?

Fauna Animal Sanctuary is home to over 100 animals including a bull, a cow, 2 goats, 30 rabbits, 19 pigeons, 2 chuckars, 4 roosters, a starling and over 60 ducks. You can read about some of our residents below.



In January 2017, a friend of the sanctuary decided to save a bull calf and contacted Pina. Dairy farms have no use for bull calves because they cannot produce babies or milk. The vast majority of male calves are slaughtered within their first 16 weeks of life, some do not pass the 14 months old and a few are used for breeding, specially in small farms. Pina knew that she had to help to save a life. When visited the farm, she took a small 10 weeks old that was separated from his mother at a day old and separated again from his friends that day, but, this time for a chance to be free. She named him Benicio del Toro after the actor and he's affectionately known as Benny. He is playful and happy. He skips and jumps around like a puppy. If you've ever known cows, you'll know that they're all just like giant puppies. Loveable, fun, silly and cuddly and smart. They crave affection and give boundless love back.



In December 2015, Toula, a 6 month cow, was being sold on a Facebook group as though she were a commodity, she was being sold as a feeder cow. Pina couldn't erase her face from her mind, specially when she visited a place close to her workplace that feeds cattle before sending them to slaughter, their last days before being processed. At the same time, videos of high speed slaughterhouses bumped into Pina's facebook, making impossible to pass the opportunity of saving her life. Like billions of cows around the world, Toula was an innocent victim of the meat and dairy industry. After negotiating with the farmer, she got Toula, the first bovine of the sanctuary, immediately, a connection between Pina and Toula was established. Pina feels a continue sorrow for the victims of the animal industry, she knows Toula is only one in billions.

Now a over 3 years old, Toula is a very much loved and respected member of the Fauna family. She adores Pina and her adoptive brother, Benny. We hope she have a long and happy life at the sanctuary and never know anything but good things.



Tiny may suit his name because of his size but that's the only thing about him that is tiny. This handsome duck has a huge personality and is quite the Casanova. He likes to charm the ladies at any given opportunity. 



Here at Fauna Animal Sanctuary we give a loving home to our non-human friends of any species. This handsome guy is Mihai. He comes from Chicago, 2 years later after being rescued given that his nest was attacked by a hawk, he was the only survivor. The person who rescued him at some point thought his life was at risk again given personal problems, and decided to relocate him. She still is in contact with us to have news about Mihai and has visited him more than a couple of times. Mihai has have a couple of pigeon girlfriends at Fauna's.



Fluffy had an awful start in life and almost didn’t make it. He came from an all too common situation where breeding sadly gets out of control and the person can no longer care for the animals. Thankfully, the lady in Fluffy’s case reached out to Fauna. Fluffy was the smallest of more than 20 rabbits rescued that day. His body half in a bowl, half out. He was so skinny. He was dying. He and his family had no food or water available to them. There was about 3 inches of excrement inside and outside the hutch. A dead rabbit lay just inches away from Fluffy. As soon as he and the other rabbits arrived at Fauna, treatment began. Fluffy was dying of starvation and had to be hand-fed for the first few days because he was so weak. Despite this, he was so happy to be safe and to have food of his own. Fast forward to today and Fluffy is 8 years old and loving the good life!