What's next for Fauna Animal Sanctuary?

Here at Fauna Animal Sanctuary we have big plans! Find out about them below!



  • Being an animal rescue organization, our main aim is to provide non-human animals with sanctuary. In order to do this, we hope to grow Fauna's following. 
  • We have a visible online presences on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Our Patreon family are the lifeblood of the sanctuary as their monthly donations enable us to ensure that there is money to buy essentials like nutritious food for the residents, hay and straw bedding and to cover regular veterinary expenses.
  • Donations can be made in a variety of ways. Click the "Donate" tab at the top of the screen to choose which method best suits you. Permanent donation methods include Patreon, PayPal and Amazon Wish List.
  • We run fundraising campaigns such as Fauna merchandise and supporters sometimes fundraise on our behalf for special occasions such as their birthdays. For us, that is so special and means the world to us.


Sanctuary Improvements

The biggest expense of 2018 is going to be new fencing throughout the 40 acres of sanctuary, and new enclosures for our various residents. So, who needs a new house at Fauna?

  • Moonlight and Coco the sanctuary's two girlie goats. These two gorgeous ladies arrived at Fauna at the end of December 2017. They need a new house that's built especially for them. Goats are highly intelligent animals with bags of energy. They need lots of enrichment, physical activity and mental stimulation. To meet their needs we plan to build a playground for them.
  • The sanctuary's 17 pigeons. Our pigeon family is growing and as a result, they need a larger area to get the most out of life at the sanctuary.
  • Here at Fauna Animal Sanctuary, we have 50 ducks! They have a fantastic aviary but with their growing numbers, we need to build another one. We also have a number of disabled ducks who need to be supervised when they're bathing. We plan to create a large pool that can accommodate all of our ducks and their various needs.



  • We would really like to development our volunteer program. At present, Pina does all of the work at the sanctuary by herself except when her husband is available to help her. Pina also has a full time job away from the sanctuary so she currently works 18 hour days.
  • Volunteers help at the sanctuary occasionally and when they do, they're are so welcome and extremely well appreciated. 
  • We need people who are able to volunteer at Fauna at the weekend and weekday evenings. We are happy for volunteers to commit to either Saturday or Sunday each week, although they would of course be very welcoming, on both days. 
  • We would also like to work with volunteers in the evenings.
  • All volunteers are asked to help with cleaning the enclosures, changing water and feed, and if possible to help with any repairs that they might have the skills to carry out. 
  • As is the nature of running an animal sanctuary, there is a great deal of work outside and we need volunteers to be willing to work in all weathers including rain, wind, sleet and snow.
  • If you would like to volunteer at Fauna Animal Sanctuary, please send an email to fauna.animal.sanctuary@gmail.com or send a direct message via one of our social media platforms. Social media links and our email address can be found at the bottom of the screen.
Spotty and Snowball, two of the 32 rabbits who live at Fauna Animal Sanctuary

Spotty and Snowball, two of the 32 rabbits who live at Fauna Animal Sanctuary