Pina Stocking

Founder of Fauna Animal Sanctuary

My name is Pina Stocking and I am the Founder of Fauna Animal Sanctuary. Over the course of the last eight years, I went from being what I thought was an Animal Lover to an Animal Rights Activist. I became vegan, jumped into the gratifying world of animal rescue, and founded Fauna Animal Sanctuary.

Here at the sanctuary, I make sure all of the residents have proper housing, food, medical care and love. There is nothing more fulfilling for me than rescuing and helping animals to gain self-esteem and live their best lives. I am not a vet nor do I have any veterinary training. However, I have learned a great deal about animal behavior, medical care, and nutrition in the last 8 years. 

I always joke about having 2 full-time jobs, my job at the sanctuary, and my job as a dental technician. I wish I could only have my full-time job at the sanctuary, but I can't. Running a non-profit animal rescue organization is expensive and as we keep growing, costs include veterinary fees, utilities, feed, housing for the animals, transport, maintenance and so on. That's why I need your support to continue providing a life free of abuse and neglect to every animal possible.

If your heart speaks to you, please consider making a donation to Fauna Animal Sanctuary and share us on any form of social media you like. Rescuing saves lives and with your contributions we will be able to save more lives.

Lots of love, 

Pina Stocking

Founder, Fauna Animal Sanctuary