Volunteer at Fauna Animal Sanctuary

We would love to have you join us as a volunteer here at Fauna. We need volunteers on weekends and weekday evenings so there are lots of opportunities to get involved. We just ask that you are able to commit to a minimum of 3 hours each week. If you have to miss a week, please let us know in advance. Please really think about what volunteering at an animal sanctuary entails. We need people to show up in all weathers including rain, wind, sleet and snow. We have a number of roles and tasks that you can get involved with. Examples include:

  • Cleaning the enclosures and shelters
  • Cleaning pastures and play areas
  • Removing old straw and hay, and replacing with new
  • Cleaning water and food containers
  • Feeding the residents
  • Grooming and socialising the residents
  • Making minor repairs to fencing and enclosures
  • Small building projects - Please let us know if you have relevant experience and skills
  • Taking photographs and making videos
  • The most important job - Giving Fauna's residents lots of love and cuddles!

If you would like to volunteer at Fauna Animal Sanctuary please email us at fauna.animal.sanctuary@gmail.com

N.B. At present, we are unable to offer any paid positions or internships.